Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which plan is right for my business?

During your free consultation, we’ll walk you through the services included in each Segment plan to determine which is the best fit for your business.

Will I be locked into a contract?

No. The subscription for SEO services is monthly. It makes the most sense to commit for six months or a year since most campaigns take time to execute and generate measurable results. SEO involves a significant amount of work – especially in the initial stages – to plan, develop and execute carefully-crafted campaigns.

What is included in each plan?

Each subscription plan receives the same service, but the difference is in the number of keywords, backlinks and content optimized for each website. All packages include: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Keyword Research, Website Audits and Analytics.

Can I change my plan?

Absolutely. Each Segment plan has a different set of managed keywords, backlinks and content. It is normal for your SEO needs to change over time. Inform your account strategist and we'll be happy to make the change for you.

Can I request a custom plan?

Yes. We are happy to create a custom SEO plan that fits your business goals. Contact our sales team to get started.

What is included in my free consultation?

Your consultation starts off with a 15 to 30 minute phone call where we discuss your business, marketing challenges and the goals you'd like to accomplish with SEO.

As part of your consultation, you'll also get a custom proposal, website audit and traffic projection model to measure the impact of our SEO services on your bottom line. This will help you justify the cost of investing in Segment.

How can on-page SEO help?

Whether you’ve dabbled in SEO in the past or you’re entirely new to the concept, the benefits of investing in on-page SEO services are easier to see than ever. With more and more businesses adopting better practices and optimization when it comes to their online presence, it’s no surprise that any company that doesn’t keep up soon falls behind.

At Segment, we offer a range of expert on-page SEO services, providing you with a powerful and effective way to get your business to that top spot effectively.

Is content part of on-page SEO?

Yes. Our in-house team works with you to produce on-point, professional, and expert content for your website that’s perfectly in-line with your brand identity and business goals. We’re experts when it comes to the creation of content that’s both SEO-friendly and relevant to your specific audience, producing copy that’s high-value while remaining rich in all the factors Google likes to see. From the creation of brand-new web pages to the reworking of old content, developing blog posts to tweaking marketing work to support your current brand, we’re well-equipped to produce excellent results.

Content development is one of our major focuses at Segment, enabling us to quickly and practically help companies to rise through Google rankings with genuine, well-written, and high-quality content. Good SEO draws in customers, and your increased conversions will soon reflect this once you use our services.

What other areas of on-page does Segment focus on?

Our optimization services don’t stop at creating long-form content for your website. In addition to writing and crafting SEO-friendly content, we also support businesses in the development, management and optimization of page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, images, internal linking, usability and much more. We work within your brand guidelines to go the extra mile and enhance your rankings effortlessly.

What are backlinks and why are they important?

The most important part of off-page SEO is your link building. Search engines look at the network of links within your website, as well as external pages that link to your site. It's always great when your off-page links can happen naturally - for example, maybe a blogger likes one of your posts and links to them in their content. However, it can be difficult to get others to share your content without a little bit of self-promotion. One of the best ways to do this is by asking online influencers in your niche or even just happy customers to share your website or blog post. There are some instances where you can add backlinks yourself to other sites, like posting a link in a forum or directory. However, Google doesn't always like these self-promotional techniques and they could get you blacklisted. This is where hiring a professional SEO firm comes in handy - they are highly familiar with these techniques and can help you choose the one that makes the most sense for your needs.

The most effective backlinks are ones that are on sites that are already highly respected by Google in terms of both popularity and reliability. The anchor text of the link should be properly formatted, and it should be coming from a site that's relevant to yours. These factors can increase the effectiveness of your backlinks. The number and type of other links on the page can also affect the overall authority of the backlinks.

How can social media impact off-page SEO?

While linking is the most important part of off-page SEO, your social media presence can also affect your overall rankings. A strong social media presence inevitably creates links to your website online, both by your own social media profiles and posts about you that others share. Working with influencers on social media is a great way to boost your brand recognition while improving your off-page SEO. These influencers don't necessarily have to have a huge following, but they do need to be related to your brand and they need to consistently be able to generate engagement from their followers. You can also work with bloggers to generate good off-page SEO links and brand recognition. Having a popular blogger write a post about you is a great way to drive traffic to your website, and the links they use will help to improve your search engine ranking as well. It can take time to find the right influencers and bloggers, but it's worth putting effort into, as social media commands a huge amount of online traffic right now.

Off-page SEO is less straightforward than on-page SEO, and it can be difficult to do on your own. It can take time to build up relationships with other sites in order for them to add links. Working with a professional SEO team is one of the best ways to improve your off-page SEO. An expert team will know of plenty of effective strategies for getting backlinks, and they can integrate the backlinks with your on-page SEO strategy for rankings that will beat your competitors.