Investing in a professional SEO consultant

Are you looking for a professional SEO consultant? Learn more about the benefits of investing in an SEO expert and what you can expect.

Regardless of the season, it’s always a good time to audit your firm’s business practices and evaluate how well they are working. Sometimes things can get hectic while you implement new marketing campaigns.

As the dust settles, it’s vitally important to take a look at the results from your efforts so far.

Is everything working as expected? What can be done better? What are the necessary changes that must be made? And a strategic review and assessment of your overall SEO and digital marketing program should also be a part of these conversations.

Are key SEO metrics meeting expectations?

Within your overall digital marketing strategy, you likely have key SEO metrics and KPIs to meet. Tracking on-page and off-page SEO is just the beginning. Every successful SEO campaign includes a robust SEO keyword strategy at the start of the project.

The data raised in this research will guide the direction of the campaign. Conducting website audits at regular intervals is another key component of digital marketing success.

Once you have examined all of the data, it’s time to talk about results. If your efforts aren’t yielding the SEO success that you want, it makes sense to take evaluate and consider some changes.

In today’s competitive environment, it is more difficult than ever to achieve a high level of success without a robust digital presence, and if your SEO program is not getting desired results, it’s difficult to stay ahead of the competition.

Working with a professional SEO consultant can put all of these problems in the rearview mirror and let your team focus on the company’s primary initiatives. It’s definitely something to consider!

Why you need a professional SEO consultant

If a member of your team is handling your SEO strategy in addition to their other job duties, it is likely that you aren’t achieving optimal results with your digital marketing.

Developing a sound strategy for your firm’s SEO is just the first step. This is an area of your business that will require almost constant monitoring and thoughtful execution.

Data analytics provide the actionable information that is so vital to successful SEO. It will need to be deciphered to determine what is working and what needs to be altered or scrapped altogether.

By taking an in-house approach you may be missing out on the learned expertise that industry consultants possess.

Professional SEO consultants are able to study pages-and-pages of feedback data and analytics and discern the important aspects amongst the heaps of information.

Pitfalls of doing your SEO in-house

With in-house SEO you can experience some common pitfalls that will generate less than ideal results.

The biggest problem with handling SEO in-house is that it usually falls into two categories: decisions are made by the committee and no one has any real ownership over the initiatives, or, the work is handed over to someone who already has a full job description.

Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes can make a significant difference in your SEO success, and enables your team to focus 100% on their day-to-day duties.

It is easy to default to a “good enough” expectation that is miles from what you really want and need from your SEO program. When a firm isn’t getting the results they want from their SEO efforts, a common reaction is to backslide and push off the task of examining and correcting their current strategy.

When you are trying to economize and take care of this important task in-house you may be missing out on potential web traffic, sales leads and revenue.

Benefits of hiring a professional SEO consultant

There are many benefits of bringing in a professional SEO consultant, and having someone completely dedicated to achieving the results you need, is at the top of the list.

A consultant is able to see your business from an outsider’s objective point-of-view and address all issues, even those that have been overlooked in the past. A consultant can also work with the stakeholders enterprise-wide overcoming any silo tendencies that may exist at the company.

However, the most relevant benefit of hiring an SEO consultant is the vast amount of experience and expertise that they bring to your projects, campaigns and initiatives.

Don’t let your digital marketing and SEO languish, now is a perfect time to bring in some outside help to maximize your efforts. A professional SEO consultant can make a significant amount of difference in brand awareness across your digital marketing and organization.

Contact Segment today and find out more about the benefits of bringing in a professional SEO consultant to spearhead your digital efforts.

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