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Develop web content that engages audiences, inspires action and generates conversions.

Fuel your growth with SEO-friendly content

Audit and inspection

We perform a detailed content marketing audit and inspection across your website, including blog articles, landing and general web pages.

Content mapping

Our content marketing experts work to map your content to different stages of the buyer's journey, including awareness, consideration and decision stages.

Keyword insights

We provide keyword insights needed to help you make informed content marketing decisions, such as keyword search volume, competition scores and more.

SEO content services from Segment

Create ROI-driven content with SEO content services

Develop web content that increases your visitor-to-customer conversion rate. Get your content aligned with your marketing funnel to acquire more sales-ready leads.

Educate and inspire your website visitors

Publish educational and memorable content that inspires visitors to take action. Keep visitors coming back until they become loyal, paying customers. Measure all of this with key metrics such as rate-of-return, on-site engagement and more.

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"Segment is helping us achieve better online exposure so that we can increase our monthly sales leads."

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Digital Marketing Leader

"They’ve cleaned up our website pages and added updated keywords in order to appear on Google."

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Additional SEO content features

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Competitive analysis

Our team performs competitive research and analysis to identify how your competitor's are shaping their overall content strategy, helping you to outrank them in search engine listings.

    Featured Snippets

    Being included on the top of search engines, including in Google's Featured Snippets showcase, can help improve your click-through rates.

      Long-form content

      We help write long-form content, with over 1,000 words, to provide depth to your website and value to your readers.

        "Within six months, the site saw a 20% increase in new visits and many keywords on the first page of Google."

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        Software Founder

        "They’re really flexible and their expertise on SEO brings us comfort. We feel at ease when we work with them."

        Nour B.

        Technology Specialist

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