Superb AI achieves 4.8M impressions and 165K clicks on Google

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4.8M impressions and 165K clicks on Google
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An AI innovator

Superb AI is a technology company that specializes in providing advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in San Mateo, California, Superb AI offers a platform designed to streamline and enhance the process of data annotation for AI and machine learning models. The company focuses on delivering tools that automate and accelerate the labeling of large datasets, which is a critical step in training high-quality AI systems.

Link building challenges

Superb AI faced several challenges in building backlinks to enhance their SEO efforts. As a company operating in the highly competitive AI and machine learning sector, distinguishing their unique value proposition to secure high-quality backlinks was demanding. Additionally, the technical complexity of their content limited the potential for natural backlinks, necessitating a strategic and persistent approach to outreach and content creation.

Building quality backlinks

Segment played a pivotal role in enhancing Superb AI’s backlink profile through a comprehensive and strategic approach. Our link building experts started by conducting an in-depth analysis of Superb AI's existing backlinks to identify gaps and opportunities. Segment then created high- quality, engaging content that highlighted Superb AI’s expertise, making it attractive to industry-specific publications. Targeted outreach was conducted to relevant websites, influencers, and thought leaders within the AI sector to secure backlinks from reputable sources. Additionally, Segment utilized data-driven insights to continuously monitor and refine their strategies, ensuring alignment with SEO best practices

Better backlinks led to better reputation on Google

The strategic backlink-building efforts led by Segment resulted in significant success for Superb AI. Within a year, Superb AI’s domain authority increased from 28 to 34, a notable improvement that enhanced their overall online credibility. This boost in domain authority helped Superb AI secure better rankings on search engine results pages, making their content more visible to potential customers and partners. The increased visibility translated into substantial growth in SEO impressions, with Superb AI garnering a total of 4.8 million impressions over the year. This surge in impressions indicates that more users were discovering Superb AI through organic search results, reflecting the effectiveness of the enhanced backlink profile. In addition, Superb AI experienced a significant increase in SEO clicks, totaling 165,000 from Google search alone. This growth in organic traffic not only expanded their reach but also demonstrated the direct impact of high-quality backlinks on driving user engagement. The improved SEO performance helped Superb AI attract a broader audience, leading to greater brand recognition and potential customer conversions. The success achieved through these efforts underscores the critical role that a well-executed backlink strategy plays in boosting search engine performance and achieving business growth.

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