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Site Structure

An organized site hierarchy allows search crawlers to efficiently scan, index, and rank your pages. Our team ensures your pages and URLs are arranged according to best practices.

Crawling & Indexing

Segment focuses on the creation, implementation, and management of your robots.txt files and sitemaps, which help guide crawlers on the pages that should be indexed.

Page Speed & UX

Search engines tend to reward websites that offer a seamless experience for crawlers and visitors. We'll help you optimize the back-end and front-end elements of your website.

Error Resolution

Our research helps spot indexing issues and resolves technical SEO errors, including HTTPS failures, internal linking, crawlability, core web vitals, and more.


We optimize your page titles, which are HTML elements found in the head of a website page, including landing pages and blog articles.


Like page titles, meta descriptions are HTML tags that summarize and describe a website page's content.


Headers, also known as heading tags, are used to divide headings, H1 through H6, on pages across your website.


We also focus on the optimization of canonical tags, robots meta tags, open graph tags, image alt tags, among other elements.

Website Pages

Our team helps improve the way search engines read your core website pages.

Landing Pages

From product pages to sales forms, we make sure your landing pages are easily readable by crawlers.


We develop a variety of content marketing resources that aide your buyer's journey and search engine queries.

Meta Tags Implementation

As we optimize your on-page SEO content, we apply tag development and implementation to ensure proper indexation.

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We provide a full-suite of SEO management services for SMBs and enterprises.

On-Page SEO

Enhance your website structure and UX to improve the way search engines index and rank your site.

Popular Features
Website Management
Meta Tags Optimization
Internal Linking
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Off-Page SEO

Build quality backlinks and social signals to strengthen your online authority and keyword rankings.

Popular Features
Link Building
Anchor Texts
Social Signals
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Keyword Research

Target and implement value keywords that improve website traffic, conversions, and sales revenue.

Popular Features
Search Volume Insights
Buyer Intent Signals
Keyword Implementation
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Audit Management

Make your website more optimized for search engines with regular SEO audits and inspections.

Popular Features
Audits and Inspections
Issue Resolution
Website Measurement
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Develop content assets that engage audiences, inspire action, and generate conversions.

Popular Features
Content Development
Competitive Analysis
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Web Analytics

Unlock key insights on KPIs and uncover how your SEO performance impacts revenue.

Popular Features
Beacon Management
Comprehensive Reports
Traffic Projections
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Improve your website's crawlability, readability, and indexability

Implement an organized website and SEO structure to help search engines effectively crawl, read, index and rank your site. At Segment, we work to help you optimize your overall site optimization, keywords, indexation, linking and more.

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Design navigation-friendly pages to ignite conversions

Increase your page speed and load times for both desktop and mobile devices. We create easy-to-navigate pages and user-friendly content structure to provide a smooth experience for all user types, including search engine crawlers.

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Your frequently asked questions about on-page SEO

What is on-page SEO?

Often considered the most traditional and well-known form of SEO, on-page SEO refers to anything that you have direct control over within your website. This includes anything from meta descriptions, page titles, header hierarchy, server-side, coding, and the overall structure of your website and content. Optimizing each page of your website improves your chances of ranking well on search engines and driving in new traffic. It also improves the overall quality of your website and makes it more user-friendly.

How can Segment help with on-page SEO?

Our team improves the way search engines crawl, read, and index your website. With experts by your side, we create easy-to-navigate pages and user-friendly content structure to provide a smooth experience for all user types, including search engine crawlers and your buyer personas. With on-page optimization, our team will make sure the appropriate short and long-tail keywords are included on each page, and that the text and images are formatted using SEO best practices. This also includes adding appropriate links and ensuring that the content on each page is unique, relevant, and helpful to the reader. We work within you content management system (CMS) and web builder to implement the necessary elements of on-page SEO.

Are keywords part of on-page SEO?

As part of an on-page SEO strategy, keyword analysis and implementation provide the ‘hook’ to help searchers find your business. By using relevant words and phrases organically on your website, Google can better learn what your business can offer to its users. By meeting the needs of the algorithm, your business will rank higher for specific search terms.

What is the role of content in on-page SEO?

Content is more important than ever for SEO, and high-quality copywriting can significantly benefit your website. Keyword stuffing and low-quality text are now openly barred by Google’s algorithms. So working with a professional team that can create SEO-friendly copy can be an advantage to your business. By providing content that’s both relevant for your audience and meets Google’s standards, your position in search engines can improve.
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