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Website Management

Our team regularly manages and optimizes your site so that you can focus on what's important.

Meta Tags Optimization

Improve every aspect of your metas, including page titles, header tags, and meta descriptions.

SEO Architecture

Inspect, configure, and improve your site's architecture, including internal linking, URL structure, page hierarchies, status codes, and more.


Ensure your website is getting the attention it deserves from Google crawlers. Our team maintains your Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster apps.


Improve your online credibility by building quality backlinks with influential websites.

Anchor Texts

Apply targeted keywords across your anchor texts to solidify your rankings.

Social Signals

Post your content across major social networks to further build your off-page authority.

Press Releases

Have a major company announcement? Run press releases to expand your reach.

Keyword Management

Implement your targeted keywords across your core website pages.

Search Volume Insights

Get real-time metrics on keyword growth and volume over time.

Buyer Intent

Drive better leads when you focus on the keywords that prospects use throughout the buyer's journey.

Competitive Scoring

Get ahead of the competition with insights on keyword difficulty, undervalued keywords, and more.

Strategy and Research

We conduct research to identify how your competitors are shaping their content strategy, helping you to outrank them.

Featured Snippets

Being included on the top of search engines, including in Google's Featured Snippets showcase, can help improve your click-through rates.


We help write long-form content, with over 1,000 words, to provide depth to your website and value to your readers.

Keyword Implementation

Employ and optimize all your targeted keywords across your different assets, including website pages, landing pages, and blog articles.

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We provide a full-suite of SEO management services for SMBs and enterprises.

On-Page SEO

Enhance your website structure and UX to improve the way search engines index and rank your site.

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Website Management
Meta Tags Optimization
Internal Linking
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Off-Page SEO

Build quality backlinks and social signals to strengthen your online authority and keyword rankings.

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Link Building
Anchor Texts
Social Signals
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Keyword Research

Target and implement value keywords that improve website traffic, conversions, and sales revenue.

Popular Features
Search Volume Insights
Buyer Intent Signals
Keyword Implementation
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Audit Management

Make your website more optimized for search engines with regular SEO audits and inspections.

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Audits and Inspections
Issue Resolution
Website Measurement
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Develop content assets that engage audiences, inspire action, and generate conversions.

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Content Development
Competitive Analysis
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Web Analytics

Unlock key insights on KPIs and uncover how your SEO performance impacts revenue.

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Beacon Management
Comprehensive Reports
Traffic Projections
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With Segment, you'll receive full-service SEO management, website maintenance, and more. Rest assured your website is in good hands.

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We’ll reach out regularly to discuss strategy, reporting, and more. Have pressing marketing matters? No problem. We'll get back to you in one business day or less. Plus, you'll have direct access to your account strategist, allowing you to call or text anytime.

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Customer Success

Segment is knowledgeable of all the latest SEO trends and have been a breath of fresh air to work with.”

Jason Merkerson
Director, PROimage Facility Services
Customer Success

“We’ve worked with other agencies in the past, but Segment is the only agency that has stood out.

Karen Apwah
Head of Marketing, Agadia Systems
Customer Success

“I was looking for an SEO agency that was results centric and Segment delivered.

Nick Pham
Former Co-Founder, Healthcare Startup

Frequently asked questions for SaaS SEO

Why is SEO for SaaS important?

When companies are searching for SaaS solutions, one of the first places they will look is online. Even if you have a strong social media presence or referral marketing program, your website is still going to be the best place for new customers to learn about your software. Most people will turn to a search engine to see what they can find before looking anywhere else for software options. The higher your website ranks on Google, Bing, and other search engines, the easier it will be for potential customers to find your products. And with so many SaaS providers out there, you're going to need a good SEO strategy in order for your company to rank highly and generate MQLs.

How does SEO for SaaS work?

There are a few key SEO strategies that you will need to use in order to rank on the first page of Google. One of the most important parts of SEO is incorporating both short and long-tail SaaS keywords into your content. These keywords help Google identify your website as a match when people search for them. For peak SEO performance, these keywords should be used in each aspect of on-page SEO. Another key factor is link building. Google will rank sites highly when they link to other sites. You'll need to incorporate links to other sites, and links between pages on your site as well. A good SaaS website will have plenty of informative content about your software that answers any questions prospects may have about your software solution.

Why hire a SaaS SEO agency?

While there are many aspects of SEO that you can manage on your own, you'll get better results when you work with an expert SEO team with extensive SaaS experience, such as Segment. Our team employs advanced SaaS SEO strategies that can transform your website and help it overpower the competition in search engine rankings. Professionals are well versed in Google's RankBrain algorithm as well as complex on-page and off-page strategies.

Why Segment for SaaS SEO management?

Our SEO for SaaS service includes completely optimized pages for each of your software solutions. We also help you develop viable evergreen content that is fully optimized for web traffic. We help you identify and implement the most effective keywords given your products and your competition, and track their progress for future growth. Our SaaS SEO experts also use a sophisticated link building strategy to improve the performance of many different pages on your site. We have experience working with many SaaS providers and can address the unique challenges that you face in your industry.
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