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When you partner with Segment, you'll get real-time reporting on your SEO and website performance.

Do you really know what's happening on your website?

Clear SEO reporting

We provide regular reporting on your entire SEO marketing program. Focus on the quality metrics that help you measure your campaign.

Insightful analytics

Our analytics-savvy experts analyze your Google Analytics data to uncover meaningful insights regarding SEO impact.

Accurate forecasting

Need to know how a new strategy can impact future results? We provide data modeling to predict various SEO outcomes.

Measure your website's performance

Clearly see how your website is impacting your business

Unlock key insights on various KPIs and uncover how your SEO performance impacts your bottom line. Transform your company from reactive reporting to proactive management. We focus on the following metrics:

  • Web visits, conversions, revenue
  • Keyword rank changes, impressions, clicks
  • Bounce rates, time-on-site and more
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"Segment is knowledgeable of all the latest SEO trends and have been a breath of fresh air to work with."

Jason M.

Customer Success Leader

"Segment was able to generate more website traffic, resulting into more leads for our division."

Sara A.

Marketing Specialist

Reduce the time spent analyzing your SEO

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Your data, organized

We help collect, unify, measure and report all your SEO data across multiple sources, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and much more.

    Data-savvy research

    Our research team helps evaluate your website's weaknesses and identify new strategies to further optimize your web performance.

        "Within six months, the site saw a 20% increase in new visits and many keywords on the first page of Google."

        Nicholas V.

        Software Founder

        "They’re really flexible and their expertise on SEO brings us comfort. We feel at ease when we work with them."

        Nour B.

        Technology Specialist

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