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A B2B eCommerce innovator

Exalt Samples is a eCommerce company based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in providing point-of-purchase (POP) solutions and custom display boards for the flooring and building materials industry. The company's products are known for its innovative designs and high-quality construction, and they are designed to help customers stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Lack of website traffic

Exalt Samples is a company that specializes in producing point-of-purchase (POP) solutions and custom display boards for the flooring and building materials industry. Despite having a newly designed eCommerce store, the company's sales and marketing team was struggling to attract B2B buyers and generate online traffic share. Exalt Samples faced stiff competition from major industry players who outranked their products on major search engines, causing a significant loss in impressions and online traffic share.

The solution

To overcome the challenges facing Exalt Samples, the company engaged the services of Segment, an experienced digital marketing agency. Segment's team conducted a comprehensive website audit and inspection, identifying both technical and non-technical SEO issues. They found faulty meta descriptions, page titles, re-direct errors, slow page load times, and high bounce rates, among other usability issues that hindered the company's ability to attract and retain potential customers.

The Segment team implemented an integrated marketing strategy, including cleaning up the company's website to ensure all SEO methodologies followed Google's best practices. Additionally, they introduced new resources to promote articles to prospects evaluating POP solutions at the bottom of the marketing funnel. Lastly, they developed a link building program to help Exalt Samples increase its online authority in the POP market. The Segment team worked closely with Exalt Samples to build quality backlinks with influential websites, which boosted the company's credibility with search engines.

More traffic acquired from SEO sources

Segment's efforts paid off significantly for Exalt Samples. The company's SEO impressions increased by 372%, and website traffic increased by 580%. Exalt Samples started ranking for several product-related keywords on major search engines, including Google, bringing in more qualified leads and customers. As a result, Exalt Samples was able to expand its outreach to attract more B2B buyers to their eCommerce store and improve their online traffic share, despite facing stiff competition from major industry players.

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