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Focus on the keywords that will drive growth

Segment's data-driven research empowers you to target value-focused keywords that increase website traffic and conversions.

Keyword research services that bring insane results

Buyer intent searches

Our SEO keyword research experts find the best keywords that your prospects use throughout the buyer's journey stages.

Profitable keywords

We help uncover keywords that will drive the most ROI to your business, and implement them on your website pages.

Planning and analysis

As a data-driven agency, we help identify undervalued keywords using monthly search volume and competitor insights.

SEO keyword research is our specialty

Uncover keyword trends, search volume insights and more

Gain full access to keywords that will help you drive more traffic, leads and sales. With our data-driven strategy, we help you optimize your content strategy by uncovering the keywords your prospects use throughout the buyer’s journey. Our team runs detailed research to develop value-focused strategies that look at the latest keywords trends, monthly search volume insights and competition scores for your products and services.

Add demand-heavy keywords to your key website pages

After performing keyword data research and analysis, the Segment team puts a plan in place to implement your selected keywords across your website, including your web pages, landing pages and blog articles. Our team ensures your keywords are included in your page titles, meta descriptions, header tags and overall on-page content.

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"Segment is helping us achieve better online exposure so that we can increase our monthly sales leads."

G2 Reviewer

Digital Marketing Leader

"Segment was able to generate more website traffic, resulting into more leads for our division."

Sara A.

Marketing Specialist

Reach the first page with the right keyword strategy

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SEO go-to-market strategy

We help bring your business to market with a keyword strategy that will get you to the first page of search engines. Our team develops, implements and measures a comprehensive keyword strategy that brings in the most ROI. We evaluate the following criteria:

  • Search volume insights and buyer intent signals
  • Keyword frequency, thematic research, semantics and relevance
  • Competition scores, keyword difficulty and more

"Within six months, the site saw a 20% increase in new visits and many keywords on the first page of Google."

Nicholas V.

Software Founder

"They’re really flexible and their expertise on SEO brings us comfort. We feel at ease when we work with them."

Nour B.

Technology Specialist

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