SEO audits that meet Google standards

Make your website more optimized for today’s search engines and consumers with comprehensive SEO audits and inspections.
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Audits & Inspections

Our team conducts regular website audits and inspections to expose the technical and non-technical areas that need improvement.

Issue Resolution

We develop a detailed issue resolution plan to help guide our implementation efforts, and to help resolve all SEO issues.

Full Implementation

Segment then implements the audit, provides benchmark assessments, and delivers before and after reports to help measure success.

Expose website gaps and find new opportunities to rank

A website SEO audit and inspection will help improve and measure your traffic growth – and help you identify areas to improve your natural traffic growth. Our research team scans and analyzes each of your website pages, meta descriptions, header tags, page titles, content, links, and overall site structure.
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Optimize your website to achieve greater SEO performance

Our team helps you resolve various technical and non-technical SEO issues like under-optimized pages, faulty redirects, poor coding standards, and much more with our website SEO audit services. We'll help you to create better sales funnels, optimize your on-page and off-page SEO, and find and fix areas needing improvement.
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Frequently asked questions

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a method of analyzing how well a website is performing to SEO best practices. The audit will reveal any foundational issues affecting a website's search engine ranking, such as website structure, content gaps, and any potential off-site issues. Many businesses fail to improve their search engine ranking as they view SEO audits as non-essential. SEO audits, however, should be conducted on a regular basis and be viewed as a regular doctor's appointment for a website, rather than a one-off or non-essential event.

Is an SEO audit necessary?

Without an SEO audit, strategy plans may not be as effective as what areas a website needs to improve will not have been identified accurately. In general, an audit on a website is completed between two and six weeks. The more detailed a website is, the longer a proper SEO audit will take. Checking in periodically during the process is always a good idea for any website manager, to gain a thorough understanding of the results.

Can I use SEO audits as a competitive advantage?

No matter how high quality a website is, SEO efforts will go to waste if a competitor continues to have search engine dominance. This is why competitive research is so important. An SEO audit, therefore, does not exclusively look at one website, it analyzes the market in general and identifies why rival websites are succeeding. The audit also identifies where rival websites are underperforming. For example, if a competitor is failing to release engaging, quality content to its audience, greater focus can be placed on the blog or social media platforms of the website being audited, helping the website to rank higher and outperform its competitors.

Do website audits evaluate technical SEO?

Some of the technical features an SEO audit can measure includes how mobile-friendly your website is, the loading speed of your website pages, the on-page technical structure, and the reliability of your internal and external links. These factors all have a strong influence on your SEO ranking as if a search engine bot crawls your website and finds your technical structure has errors, it will lower your ranking. It is, therefore, essential to regularly assess your technical structure with an SEO audit.
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