$2B Oil & Gas Company Fuels Its Growth with Segment


Increase in traffic


More qualified leads


The B2B Oil and Gas industry has traditionally taken a back seat when it comes to using digital marketing as a competitive advantage. One international oil and gas services company, AmSpec, didn’t accept the status quo, and sought to disrupt new and existing players within its market.

This $2 billion giant saw an opportunity to outrank its competition using SEO. It knew that distinguishing itself in this way wouldn’t be easy due to increased federal competition dominating oil and gas Google search terms. AmSpec engaged Segment to support its ever-changing and always-growing digital vision to manage and optimize its corporate website and pursue new, undervalued keywords and content marketing opportunities at scale.


In close engagement with Segment’s Data & Strategy team, the client was able to define a vision of growth thanks to an innovative SEO program. Our team spent countless hours conducting an audit and inspection of the client’s site to uncover and resolve major issues preventing it from appearing on search engines.

Over 1,000 pages and URLs were audited, tested and improved to enhance the site’s core vitals, including page load times, user experience and overall content structure. Elements like tracking code optimization, URL re-structuring and schema development were applied to ensure search crawlers effectively scanned, indexed and ranked the site for keywords like “Crude Oil Inspection” and “Petroleum Testing Company.”

Additionally, Segment developed a link building strategy to help the company establish even more credibility online, and to shape AmSpec as an oil and gas thought leader in its market. Within a few months, the client saw significant growth in terms of website traffic, more qualified leads and better rankings on Google and Bing.


Since partnering with Segment, AmSpec has seen a significant improvement in keyword rankings, a 150% increase in website traffic and 40% more qualified leads.

Success with Segment