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The Basic Concept of SEO

August 14, 2022
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Websites that have a competitive edge usually have a great SEO strategy at work. Here's what you need to know about the basic concept of SEO.

Since the rise of the internet, businesses have been scrambling to get a foothold in the world of online marketing.

Websites are in stiff competition with each other, and those that have the edge usually have a great SEO strategy at work. What is SEO you may wonder? SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is half art and half science.

Here’s what you need to know about the basic concept of SEO.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization takes a variety of forms with different techniques all aimed at improving the search engine ranking of a website and making it more visible to search engines.

SEO is used to make a website rank higher in search engine results, which means making a website appear before others in search engine queries.

Having a website appear at the top of the first page, or within the first couple pages of a web search is the desire of any business. You have to be immediately accessible in this day and age for most customers to be able to reach you online. SEO helps websites in a variety of different ways to rank higher in search engine queries.

How Does SEO Help Websites?

SEO helps information appeal to search engine algorithms, allowing your content to be more properly indexed and in turn displayed within search results.

When good SEO strategies are in place, your website is going to rank higher. This can take several months or years depending on your website structure and page authority.

Using SEO helps websites rank higher, but it also makes them more accessible by a wide number of search engine keywords. When someone types in a phrase or keyword, the search engine is triggered into producing a result based on those words alone.

SEO is built upon the keywords but that is hardly the end of it. Content strategies must include keywords but they also must go much further in producing content that is going to be of use to readers.

How Basic SEO Concepts Improve Rankings

Content Marketing

The best SEO strategy is creating great content. Although keywords are important when developing an SEO strategy, alone they won’t do much to improve your site ranking.

Complex algorithms in search engines analyze content for a variety of different factors when ranking your website.

When writing content you should avoid fluff or filler language or content that is not substantive in nature. Algorithms developed by Google analyze website content along the lines of what kind of value it gives a reader. Content that is too simple or lacks anything worthwhile tends to rank much lower.

Keyword Development

You will definitely want to have an SEO keyword strategy in place, however, as keywords are an important part of SEO. Simple keywords are one way to assure better ranking, but you will also want to have sub-keywords or long-tail keywords placed within the content at key intervals to trigger the algorithms.

You have to be careful with keywords. You never want to perform keyword stuffing, use too many keywords or use them unnaturally within the context of the content.

The keywords themselves have to add value to the content not just be placed within it. You must have experienced and professional SEO consultants and copywriters who know just the right mix of keywords and substance to use behind them.

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is another essential component of SEO. Websites must have a strong technical structure in place to positively influence ranking results.

Things like an organized URL structure, clean and concise meta descriptions, quality content, sitemaps, among others are key factors in achieving SEO effectiveness.

Off-page SEO is just as vital as on-page optimization. The key here is to establish a link building structure that boosts your website credibility and authority. Working with different media publishers to secure links on prominent sites, creating relevant anchor texts and creating strong social media signals enhance your overall SEO program.

Learn more about different off-page SEO techniques.

In closing

SEO is a complex science as you may have gathered, but the art of it is best left in the hands of content creators and marketers who know how to achieve the results you are looking for. SEO experts have long had the skills necessary to take keywords and content and create great rankings that will disrupt online competitors.

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